Good times have fallen upon us here at Russwood Farmstead with the arrival of an Earthway Precision Seeder! It is our anniversary gift from Julie’s parents, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time, as there is still alot of planting to be done! We unpacked the new seeder and assembled it the night before – very easy and great instructions. The only real trick to the seeder is that your soil has to be really nice and loose for it to ride along properly. What had taken me a couple of hours before now literally took about ten minutes in the field! Amazing piece of machinery! Look out – Sweet corn is on its way!
Other news is that our mobile home here on the farm is finally on its way out – it was our home here for the first year. Also managed to cut a field of hay in between the crazy weather forecasts of rain/sun every other day.
Oh yes – the chickens are crazy huge now only after a month, and show no signs of slowing down. I will be enlarging their living quarters in the near future as they are outgrowing the second one… stay tuned for more .. J:)


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