the merry month of may

Things are unmistakably moving right along on our farm now that May has arrived! Seedlings are emerging after a rainfall, and the Garlic is showing some nice growth as I walked the beds today. I will need to tend to my Rye Grass experiment that I planted before winter, as it now looks to be growing at a rapid pace. I will chop it down and turn it under the dirt, hoping for what the old timers call a “green manure” The leaves and roots of Rye soak up nitrogen that will release into the soil, while also serving for a mulch to plant into. Our broiler chickens are doing well in the great outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, pasture and sunshine of the land. I also tried my hand at building a couple of Mason Bee houses in order to attract our native bee population. They are excellent pollinators! Stay tuned, Summer is around the bend… 😉


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