The Importance of Mulch in Natural Gardening

The benefits of mulching in the garden are great, especially when growing food without the use of harmful pesticides. The first obvious reason for using a mulch is probably for weed control. Any bare soil that is left in the open to the elements is at risk of becoming overwhelmed with a variety of native plants that are well-suited for extreme and varied soil conditions. By covering the ground, the mulch serves as a barrier between plants and the environment above the soil, reducing weeds.

Another great reason to use a mulch is so that the garden plants do not require as much water from external sources. Water will eventually be lost from the uncovered soil as a result of evaporation, wind and the sun. A blanket of mulch will keep moisture as well as temperature levels constant for the plants roots, which means less time and energy spent watering.

The last big reason for mulching would be the benefit of constantly improving on the soil’s tilth and fertility. Worms & microorganisms will work to bring down the mulch layer below the surface and use it for food, creating a rich compost from its organic matter. More worm activity means greater worm holes and worm castings in the soil, which in turn help feed our plants above ground.

Mulch can be made from any organic substance, and is probably the best tool a gardener can have in his or her arsenal!

Happy mulching



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