Bridge Reconstruction – part 1

I have learned that life on a farm is somewhat unpredictable, and fate may throw you a curve ball without any warning…

Our old bridge has been the gateway from the front of our property to the back woods for years. It has stood strong for as long as I can remember – likely 30 years or more! Built from and old vehicle hoist and 4 large ash trees, it provided a passageway over the stream that runs though our land. I always held my breath as I passed over the old bridge, knowing that one day it would eventually fail as all things do. On the weekend we were driving the tractor back to the bush, and halfway over the old bridge we heard a loud crack. Two of the large trees that supported the bridge busted in half, as the tractor just made it across. Luckily no one was hurt, and we were able to get the tractor back across it.
Needless to say, it looks like I have a new project on my hands!

Yesterday I began dismantling the old timbers on what is part one of our bridge reconstruction.
Stay tuned for more …


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