a new portal

Just finished making a new door at the front of the old barn. This should make loading hay an easier task, and I thought it added a nice touch to the barn as well 🙂


Farm Update – October 2011

In the fields: we are mulching, fertilizing and planting cover crops and Garlic for next year’s harvest. Near the Barn: our new Pump House is now winterized and ready for the cold season ahead of us. Repairs, maintenance tasks, and tidying up the farm before Winter hits. Also plenty of pruning, chopping, splitting and stacking firewood going on… Busy busy busy! Stay tuned… J

new flock moving day!

Today I decided it was finally time to move our new flock of hens to the main coop, as they will be hopefully laying eggs by January. I spent most of the afternoon sweeping out the coop from top to bottom, and cleaning up before Winter really sets in. I put down some nice new shavings, heated water font, and added a new nest box for them. This is our first mixed flock of 24 laying hens, and it was nice to raise them from day-old. They are a very friendly bunch and we can’t wait for the new eggs to arrive!

Water Installation, part 2

Horray for Dad! We now have water on demand! Today marks a very exciting day on our farm that many people take for granted nowadays – water on tap! We are currently working on the final stages of the little pump house that will supply our H2O needs for years to come… a tiny room that contains a pressure tank, electrical hookups and some insulation for year-round water! The frame was built using old salvaged wood. Final stage will be to insulate all water lines before Winter.
Thanks again Dad, you are a handy fellow! -J-

Water Installation, part 1

This weekend was a great one for installing the water line that will run from the well casing into the barn. My Dad helped me out and we managed to get the submersible pump and pipes, etc down into the new well without dropping anything down the well! Once that was completed, we started on the task of getting water to the barn, and preparing it so it will not freeze up this winter. I decided to use foam board insulation and make up a channel path that runs into the barn. Once that was done, the pipe was fully covered with sand and dirt. We’re hoping the frost will stay off of it. Next step will be the tank and electrical hookups!

Its time for some new H2o!

Well”… we decided to make the jump and get a new well put in at the barn! It was becoming increasingly difficult to go ahead with many of our plans on our current limited water supply. We have been borrowing the water using a hose from our house, which is pretty limited, not to mention a real pain when winter comes! With water close by, things will become increasingly better! (Oh  – I also planted a new Garlic plot for Spring! mmmm Garlic!!!)

the new chicken pen – day one…

Decided 1st thing this morning to start working on the meat bird pen, since our new chicks will arrive at the end of this month.. yikes! I soon realized that our barn needs some major repairs to the ceiling & beams, however…