working with, not against

Today was a great day for taking advantage of our frozen fields and retrieving some of next years firewood! The ground is still frozen, and the snow is not too deep, allowing for smooth passage across what will soon be a soggy field until summer hits. It is times like these that I realize how important it is to try and work using the weather to my advantage as a farmer. Today’s wood haul across the fields was very pleasant and plentiful compared to what it could have been if I waited until another day. I am learning that timing and observation are key elements to successful farming practices. – J



charity garden

Last week we had friends from the Shumei organization visit our farm and prepare some beds for a charity garden. Kaz and Kaz both came by to till and plant potatoes for children in need. We also had some crazy wind storms that took out a few big trees in the bush! One large branch fell onto our bridge. No shortage of firewood lately…