Early June Update

I know it’s getting late for planting corn, but hey I thought lets see what happens! Began this week tilling the new upper plot for corn, making the rows, etc and then eventually dropping the seeds by hand. (Wish list: 1 precision row crop planter)
Had a visit again from our Shumei friends – they came by to put down straw in the potato patch. The new chicks are really packing on the pounds, and I can’t believe how fast they grow! They are really making quite a racket now, and are starting to “socialize” with one another!


charity garden

Last week we had friends from the Shumei organization visit our farm and prepare some beds for a charity garden. Kaz and Kaz both came by to till and plant potatoes for children in need. We also had some crazy wind storms that took out a few big trees in the bush! One large branch fell onto our bridge. No shortage of firewood lately…