out to pasture…

Today was moving day for the Broiler Chicks…onto greener pastures outside in the custom built ranging pen.  The pen is moved twice a day so the birds always have fresh grass to roam.  The chicks are now 2 1/2 weeks old and already seeming to love exploring the grasses in the field.  It is so nice to see them outside in a more natural environment.  The only concern was today’s heat (36ºC)! I was worried about the chicks over heating but with the shade and breeze they stayed comfortable (perhaps more than we did).  Tonight as I watered the garden…again…I watched the sunset across the sky over the chicks new home and listen to them peeping away.  A nice end to an eventful day! -Julie 🙂


“go time” is starting again..!

Here we go again with another busy season! Seems like everywhere we turn there is something to do these days around the farm. Whether it is to get ready for our new plans or just keeping up with the ones already in place, we are on the run with many fine projects. Seedlings and hatchlings have begun again, and I’m glad to see my custom brooder box finally up and running. I am hoping things grow well this year!

Chick update – 1 month old

It’s been a month or so since we got our new baby chicks. They are now in their own large pen, growing and getting fluffy! Today we put in some old wooden ladders to see if they would like to perch on them. They are quite funny now, running from one end of the pen to the other side, picking up speed and trying to fly! chirp chirp chirp!

Yay for new chicks!

We just got a new batch of fluffy baby chicks! It will take about 20 weeks for them to grow into laying pullets (hens) I decided to get a few different kinds this time and see how it goes – some Black, Red and Barred Rock. The sure are fun to be around, and are full of personality already! We have had a busy month of harvest in our gardens, bringing in lots of beans, tomatoes, and the remaining field of sweet corn! We spent a few late evenings blanching the veggies and then into the freezers for eating over Winter.


Good times have fallen upon us here at Russwood Farmstead with the arrival of an Earthway Precision Seeder! It is our anniversary gift from Julie’s parents, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time, as there is still alot of planting to be done! We unpacked the new seeder and assembled it the night before – very easy and great instructions. The only real trick to the seeder is that your soil has to be really nice and loose for it to ride along properly. What had taken me a couple of hours before now literally took about ten minutes in the field! Amazing piece of machinery! Look out – Sweet corn is on its way!
Other news is that our mobile home here on the farm is finally on its way out – it was our home here for the first year. Also managed to cut a field of hay in between the crazy weather forecasts of rain/sun every other day.
Oh yes – the chickens are crazy huge now only after a month, and show no signs of slowing down. I will be enlarging their living quarters in the near future as they are outgrowing the second one… stay tuned for more .. J:)

Early June Update

I know it’s getting late for planting corn, but hey I thought lets see what happens! Began this week tilling the new upper plot for corn, making the rows, etc and then eventually dropping the seeds by hand. (Wish list: 1 precision row crop planter)
Had a visit again from our Shumei friends – they came by to put down straw in the potato patch. The new chicks are really packing on the pounds, and I can’t believe how fast they grow! They are really making quite a racket now, and are starting to “socialize” with one another!

chirp chirp chirp!

We received a new batch of 50 chicks and boy they are cute! They are also very active, spending most of their time eating & drinking (and sleeping 🙂 I made their new home out of 2 plastic storage bins, chicken wire and and two lamps. After a few weeks in the brooder boxes we’ll send them out to the main barn for more eating… and drinking.. and sleeping..