June is busy

All the hay that was cut has been dried and baled. I stored it under cover for safe keeping. Weather has been hit and miss as far as haying is concerned. The forecast says rain next week (yet again!) I’m glad and thankful to get what I had in so far. Our sweet corn is looking good, and the beans have come up as well. It will almost be time to harvest that Garlic plot I planted last Fall. The leaves are starting to yellow, and scapes are now emerging. Next week is also time for the meat chickens to be processed. June is busy!


Yay for new chicks!

We just got a new batch of fluffy baby chicks! It will take about 20 weeks for them to grow into laying pullets (hens) I decided to get a few different kinds this time and see how it goes – some Black, Red and Barred Rock. The sure are fun to be around, and are full of personality already! We have had a busy month of harvest in our gardens, bringing in lots of beans, tomatoes, and the remaining field of sweet corn! We spent a few late evenings blanching the veggies and then into the freezers for eating over Winter.

Corn Bandit Caught Red-Handed!

Last night I set a trap in hopes to catch whatever was eating our corn plot. Almost a quarter of the corn had been eaten in the last week or so. When I went to check the trap this morning I had caught the bandit red-handed! He was very plump, and looked like he had enjoyed all his evening visits to the plot.

I took him for a nice long drive, and relocated him in the woods. good luck to you old boy!