rain rain go away come again some other day



June is busy

All the hay that was cut has been dried and baled. I stored it under cover for safe keeping. Weather has been hit and miss as far as haying is concerned. The forecast says rain next week (yet again!) I’m glad and thankful to get what I had in so far. Our sweet corn is looking good, and the beans have come up as well. It will almost be time to harvest that Garlic plot I planted last Fall. The leaves are starting to yellow, and scapes are now emerging. Next week is also time for the meat chickens to be processed. June is busy!

Hooray for Hay!

Finally was able to get onto the field tonight and cut some Hay down! The recent rainy weather has made it difficult for any hay making so I am glad to get a couple of fields underway. Bad news once I came in and re-checked the weather though.. the forecast has changed once again to rain!! This has been a weird year so far with the weather in our area.. oh well.  -such is the life of the haymaker..!

bye bye mobile…

On Monday we said goodbye to our mobile home! It was our residence here for less than a year, as we have since moved into the old farm house. It was quite fascinating watching the home movers work. They had it off the lot by lunchtime
( just in time to bale up some hay !)