2012 Garlic planting

Today I managed to plant the Garlic that will grow in 2013 into the Earth! What a nice day to be out digging and scratching at the dirt. I made raised beds as I always do for planting Garlic, and plan on topping it off with a nice blanket of old straw from the barn mow sometime next week. The straw mulch will hopefully protect the Garlic cloves when the frosts arrive shortly. I love planting and working with Garlic – it has become one of my most favorite things to do here on our farm. Garlic is an amazing plant. Be sure to drop by our farm for fresh Garlic, Chicken, and Eggs! Have a Happy Thanksgiving from our family at Russwood !


potatoes are planted!

taa daaa!! the potatoes are planted.. pumpkins or corn (or both) tomorrow… stay tuned its a plant – off!!

may 24 plant-off.. more pics

May 24 weekend – Time for planting!

Today started our weekend plant-off for May 24.. It has been a difficult month with all of the rain we’ve been getting, and very hard to get into the fields. Well today we saw the first sunshine in a long while and began our huge planting task. Here’s hoping the rain stays away for a few more days as we are behind on many of our garden jobs!

“go time” is starting again..!

Here we go again with another busy season! Seems like everywhere we turn there is something to do these days around the farm. Whether it is to get ready for our new plans or just keeping up with the ones already in place, we are on the run with many fine projects. Seedlings and hatchlings have begun again, and I’m glad to see my custom brooder box finally up and running. I am hoping things grow well this year!

planning and plotting…

Now is the time we begin our plans for this year’s garden plots, as Spring will soon be here before we know it! There is much to think about as the garden beds are sketched out, and there are many factors to consider before we know where everything is to be planted. Crop rotation, soil type, days to germination, water/sun requirements, how much to plant, and the list goes on. Its like a giant puzzle!


Good times have fallen upon us here at Russwood Farmstead with the arrival of an Earthway Precision Seeder! It is our anniversary gift from Julie’s parents, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time, as there is still alot of planting to be done! We unpacked the new seeder and assembled it the night before – very easy and great instructions. The only real trick to the seeder is that your soil has to be really nice and loose for it to ride along properly. What had taken me a couple of hours before now literally took about ten minutes in the field! Amazing piece of machinery! Look out – Sweet corn is on its way!
Other news is that our mobile home here on the farm is finally on its way out – it was our home here for the first year. Also managed to cut a field of hay in between the crazy weather forecasts of rain/sun every other day.
Oh yes – the chickens are crazy huge now only after a month, and show no signs of slowing down. I will be enlarging their living quarters in the near future as they are outgrowing the second one… stay tuned for more .. J:)

Early June Update

I know it’s getting late for planting corn, but hey I thought lets see what happens! Began this week tilling the new upper plot for corn, making the rows, etc and then eventually dropping the seeds by hand. (Wish list: 1 precision row crop planter)
Had a visit again from our Shumei friends – they came by to put down straw in the potato patch. The new chicks are really packing on the pounds, and I can’t believe how fast they grow! They are really making quite a racket now, and are starting to “socialize” with one another!

more planting!

Plant plant plant!! We are busy planting to get all the plants into the ground this weekend and are starting to run out of space! Big thanks to my Dad who got our tiller back up and running – we were able to make another space for tomatoes and pepper plants. We also get our new little chicks tomorrow, and I’m setting up the brooder bins to house 50 chicks for a couple weeks. Julie and I decided to give our layer chickens a bit more space, so we let them out of their run for the afternoon.

charity garden

Last week we had friends from the Shumei organization visit our farm and prepare some beds for a charity garden. Kaz and Kaz both came by to till and plant potatoes for children in need. We also had some crazy wind storms that took out a few big trees in the bush! One large branch fell onto our bridge. No shortage of firewood lately…