a meaty success

This morning Julie and I awoke early to load our first batch of meat chickens into the crates for shipment. I can’t believe it only took ten weeks from start to finish, but that was it. After loading them into the truck, it was off to the processing plant. I returned later in the day to pick them up, then back to the farm for freezing and selling. -Aug3

Stand update – Cucumbers, beans, and finally tomatoes are just starting to ripen! We should have a good steady batch starting this week! -J


Fresh Food is Ready!

We are excited to be harvesting the first of many vegetables to come from our natural gardens! They are ready for eating fresh or preserving for cold Winter months. Be sure to check our stand frequently as the produce variety changes often! Fresh food tastes the best!

roadside stand – now open!

This week marks the opening of our 2010 roadside stand! We are very excited to have upgraded from last year’s umbrella and picnic table to a snazzy new tent! This week there will be Peas, Beans, New Red Potatoes, Radishes, 2 varieties of Cucumbers, Romaine and Green Leaf Lettuce & Fresh Herbs. Each week there will be different items on the table as they become available for harvesting.

The stand will be typically open between 3 and 7pm  weekdays, Saturdays 10am-4pm. closed Sundays, and will be based on the good old honour system.

All produce has been grown naturally without pesticides.

Please email: russwoodfarmstead@gmail.com if you need any directions.

We hope to see you here!