cool farm sighting of the week…

check out the turtle we found hanging out near the chicken yard. we took it back to our creek so it could have a drink 🙂

IMG_0946 IMG_0947


pump houses are fun!

I have been busy working on an outdoor pump house for our Winter water supply at the barn. Last year the supply line froze when temperatures dropped, so I wanted to construct a shorter supply line that would not freeze. Our farm is very close to bedrock (around 1-2 feet down) so the old line was not deep enough in the ground to prevent freeze up. This year I have decided to construct a pump house that is over the well, which will be heated and insulated from the cold cold wind. I have made a small structure (6 x 6 feet) so it is easy to heat. Today I finished shingling the roof, and yesterday worked on the inside insulation. Wish me luck – Winter is not far off!….

potatoes are planted!

taa daaa!! the potatoes are planted.. pumpkins or corn (or both) tomorrow… stay tuned its a plant – off!!