Garlic is one of our favorite plants to grow on our farm!

Aside from adding excellent taste to dishes, Garlic also possesses many health benefits:

*antibacterial & antiviral, treats skin infections, reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, combats allergies, remedy for respiratory problems, increases insulin release and regulates blood sugar levels in diabetics, prevents cancer, improves iron metabolism, good for toothaches, increases circulation, reduces weight

At Russwood Farmstead our Garlic is planted, grown & harvested all by hand. We do not use any artificial fertilizers or pesticides to produce it. Using traditional gardening methods we feel we are able to offer a superior product you just can’t find in the supermarkets. Vampires beware…

* info derived from:

2 thoughts on “Garlic

    • I got the second post! Thanks for letting me know about what you’re doing John, pretty excited to start eating fresh, direct from a trusted local source 🙂 How does the pricing work?


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